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With over 1.9 million customers, Bluehost are one of the most popular web hosts in the world. They’re also the only web hosting company recommended by WordPress which, according to a W3tech study , is used by over 26% of all websites on the entire Internet.

[iOS 9] How to use Mobile Terminal on 64bit DevicesWhen I call the support individuals are kind, but difficult to understand through their thick Indian accents and I find myself politely asking them to repeat themselves often. My calls are always escalated” and I don’t have an answer or a problem fixed until 24 to 72 hours later. Part of my living is building websites. Not being able to fix things for your customers for 24 up to 72 hours is difficult. Aabaco makes me look bad as a professional because I have invested my trust and efforts into their services, only for it to crash and ultimately let down those I work for. It affects my earnings and I allow them to know this, but no reimbursement has ever been given to myself or my customers. I mentioned the Azure docs for are about two years out of date. So are the PowerShell scripts and the dependencies they setup. You’re going to want to update some things. As part of the configuration of your site, you need to set an API SECRET. The API_SECRET value must be a MINIMUM of 12 characters.

if your too young to have your own domain name, do what me and my mother did, my mum owns it and i make the pages, she checks them before uploading (spell checks too!! if i miss something she will fix it :D) and its all good. she manages 2 websites, and pays so little for us both to have our own domain. its worth it, and its not expensive if you find the right hoster!!

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