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EDIT: The time taken from when I first contacted them up until now took so long because it took me a while to reply to the emails, seriously within 5mins of emailing them i got a responce, so the time delay was all me, not them. Couldnt beleive the level of support given out for a free service! One of the main problems with ADSL broadband is indicated by the A in its name: it’s asymmetrical. In other words, the upload speed is much lower than the download speed. You may get downloads at 10Mbps, for example, and uploads at 1Mbps or less. This should not be a problem if your sites have low hit-rates, but it could well be a problem for a popular site. Either way, you will have to cope with the peak traffic load, not the average daily rate.

With each KVM VPS server, you are free to select what Linux OS distribution you will be using – Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian. Our major lines of plans & locations include automatic backups and mirroring. Learn more about how we protect your data at no charge. I really enjoyed the ease of getting into my server after I had purchased a plan, it was like you had designed this for people who aren’t the best at figuring out how to set up the pc once they purchase it. Anyhoo, to glue” the phpMyAdmin thing to the web server, we’re gonna need to edit the web server’s own configuration file. Just like we did for phpMyAdmin, it’s a very small, easy change, but it takes a few steps to complete because the web server is in a part of your computer that you don’t often go to. Thankfully, for us Mac users, it’s still pretty easy.

Webs is a solid, reliable and easy to use site builder thats especially great for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We especially enjoy the fact that basically anyone can use this service to get the online business started immediately at a very affordable price.

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