Telnet Command Line Windows Server 2008

But still, this was a new business, I was just starting to make a little money, and it was hard to go from cheap shared hosting to a real stable platform that was mine. InMotion tries to solve this problem with their Account Management Portal. They still have all the technical access via SSH, FTP and cPanel – but they also have quick links all within a single login. WordPress’s new release: There once was a time when WordPress was sneered at. Most web developers considered it a toy for bloggers that was in no way capable of doing all of the cool and groovy stuff that the big boy platforms of the day, such as PHP-Nuke and PostNuke, could do.

No hosting company is perfect or the best” – you’ll find plenty of InMotion Hosting complaints (and raves) around the web (I’ve had one-off issues with support or bugs with them and nearly every host I’ve used). Here are some big-picture cons / disadvantages that I’ve found with InMotion Hosting.

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